Sweet Thunder Productions specializes in producing documentaries throughout the State of Maine.  Maine and Mainers offer us unique stories: about its people, its history, resources, industries, and Maine’s ever changing dynamics. Telling these stories through filmmaking enriches and educates the viewer. Documentaries may be featured length (1 – 2 hours in length) while others are shorter (2 – 30 minutes.) Producer Lee Arnott films and edits each documentary into compelling storytelling, polishing rough cuts to each client’s personal vision until a final cut is complete.

Types of documentaries

  • Historical – places, events, people, etc.
  • People Profiles –  Artists, teachers, community leaders, etc.
  • Social issues  – local and statewide.
  • Non-profit organizations  – missions and accomplishments.
  • Businesses – how your business began and how it has grown.
  • Everyone and everything is unique; therefore the sky’s the limit.

Sweet Thunder Productions offers an initial complimentary meeting and consultation.   Documentary filmmaker, Lee Arnott, will get to know you, your story and your goals.  Furthermore, she combines your thoughts and input with her creative insight and expertise.

Documentaries include:

  • First of all, a complimentary consultation.
  • A tour of locations and a meeting of key people.
  • Scheduling of filming dates.
  • Lastly, editing of footage, graphics, titles and  background music.

Rough cuts are delivered electronically to clients for viewing.  Your documentary can be uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo platforms for worldwide exposure.  In addition, Sweet Thunder produces DVD’s and Blu Ray Discs and lastly, all clients receive a final master file.

While everyone has a story, nobody has a story like yours. 

If you have an idea for a documentary video please inquire for more information. Sweet Thunder Productions is not limited to Maine, please Contact Us if you are based in New England and searching for a documentary filmmaker.

Click here to view a recent short documentary for a Maine non-profit.

Ultimately every documentary video production is unique,  just like its subjects.