Memorial Videos

Memorial videos and Celebration of Life videos

In the past several years I have produced a number of celebration of life and memorial videos throughout Maine. These are also referred to as video tributes, or funeral slideshows. The passing of a loved one is a very sensitive time. There is planning, phone calls, and sorrow. Sometimes guests can not attend due to illness or distance. Professional memorial videos allow loved ones to share the service with others. Seven years ago I realized there weren’t many options for people needing a video of a memorial service. I wanted to fill this void in an affordable manner.

Types of Memorial videos and Celebration of Life videos

One service I provide is the videotaping and editing of a celebration of life or memorial service. I arrive a half hour before the service to set up my camera and audio. I film the entire memorial celebration: guests arriving, the opening, speeches, and closing remarks. Back in my studio I edit the footage to music and titles.  Lastly, the video is delivered to the client via DVD, Blu Ray, or video file. In addition, I upload the video file to Youtube or Vimeo upon request. This is a great way to share the service with friends and family.

Examples of a Memorial video

The following video is from a Celebration of Life service that took place in Maine in 2017. Upon the client’s request, the video was upload to Vimeo for sharing with friends and family.


Photo Funeral Slideshow Tribute

Another frequent request is a slideshow tribute. Often this slideshow plays during the service. Clients send me their favorite photos along with music tracks. Occasionally a client requests an audio recording of a prepared script. Once I have the materials I edit the photos with the music. Then I add opening and ending titles. I can include additional titles throughout the video upon request. For example: The 1980’s, or 50th Anniversary. Lastly I deliver a final video to the client. Once again, this can be a DVD,  Blu-Ray or video file.  Click here to view a recent slide show tribute.

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Each video request is unique. Some clients request a combined taping of a service along with a slideshow tribute. In addition, I offer VHS to DVD transfer services. I can incorporate old home movies into a video tribute. To learn more or to request a quote click here.