Maine Real Estate Video

Enhance your Real Estate Listing with a Maine Real Estate Video

Homeowners and real estate agents are highlighting their property listings with a Maine real estate video. In the past few years this has become a savvy trend.  Let’s look at why.

Include a Maine real estate video to your listing – what are the benefits?

First of all, we are a video watching society.

Videos are consuming our internet time. We watch videos on televisions, computers, tablets and on our phones. We often watch videos on a web page before reading any of the text. Videos are in demand and therefore videos are here to stay.

A short video will keep viewers on your listing longer.

Potential home buyers browse quickly through listings. Usually the images are the first thing that gets their attention. And then they move on to the next listing. By including a real estate video in your listing you are keeping the viewers attention longer, which is exactly what you want. You want them to notice your home listing.

Videos are not static.

Still photos of your home are necessary for print publications and the internet.  However, videos are not static. In a video you see the trees gently sway with wind. And you see an ocean wave come in or a boat cruising by. And a video camera on a tripod can pan at angles that a still photo simply can’t do, even in a slide show.  Ultimately, with a short real estate video you see real life.

Lastly, increased exposure on video platforms.

Besides including your real estate video in your realtor’s listing, the video can be uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo.  You can share these videos on Facebook, emails and blogs to share with friends and request others to share. Therefore, your exposure beyond your listing is limitless.

What is involved?

First, a phone call or email inquiry.

  1. You or your agent may call me at (207) 441-7011 or via click here so we can discuss your home, location, costs, etc.
  2. I arrive on the schedule date to videotape your home and property for up to 1 1/2 hours.
  3. The footage is edited to a music background soundtrack, titles and graphics.
  4. You will receive up to three rough cuts until we have a final cut. (Note, additional rough cuts billed by the hour.)
  5. Lastly, I send you and your agent a video link and/or video file for listing and sharing.

What does it cost?

Depending on the location of the home, a  2-5 minute realty video costs between $375 and $500. Once the footage is shot, you will receive a rough cut within a week.

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