VHS to DVD Transfer Services

Besides video production, Sweet Thunder Productions offers VHS to DVD transfer services for clients throughout Maine.  Converting your family home videos from VHS to DVD’s or USB thumb drives make wonderful gifts and keeps memories alive for generations to come.  Click here to order a gift certificate.

Why transfer VHS to DVD?

First, DVD and Blu-Ray machines, along with computers, replaced VCR’s years ago. VCR’s are becoming obsolete and will probably be impossible to buy in five years, unless you find one at a yard sale. (To learn more here.) Therefore, if you want to watch those old home VHS movies, transfer them soon.

Second, VHS tapes, like 8 mm, Super 8 mm, and 16 mm film, become brittle throughout the years and break. Some are repairable; however, some are not.  If a repair is not possible, your home movies are lost.

Third, some storage conditions can ruin VHS tapes.  Storing tapes in damp conditions like basements can cause mold and mildew, even if the tapes are in cases. You can actually see mold on tapes, fuzzy white dust, and usually these tapes are impossible to transfer to DVD as VCR rollers become clogged with the dust.  Sometimes my machine will completely reject a tape with mold on it.

Fourth, besides transferring to DVD’s, your VHS tapes can be converted to a video file.  The file is saved to a thumb drive which you can drag onto your computer. This saves space & storage.

Lastly, home videos, once long forgotten about, make great gifts!

Ordering your VHS to DVD Transfer

To place an order for VHS to DVD transfers,  click here for a downloadable form.   Call (207) 441-7011 for a quote or email here.  Tape conversion and transfer services include VHS or VHS-C to DVD or video files via thumb drives.  Sweet Thunder Productions is located in Central Maine and provides video services and VHS conversion services throughout the State of Maine.