Real Estate Videographer

Preparing for your real estate videographer

As a real estate videographer in Maine I get to see a lot of cool, unique homes.  New and old.  In a previous post I talked about some tips when choosing a video to showcase your home.  Now I want to share a few thoughts on how to prepare for your real estate videographer.  The process is smooth and productive when the agent, the owners, along with the videographer, are all on the same page.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind when hiring a videographer.


maine real estate videographerIt may seem obvious, but it is so important.  A decluttered home is eye-pleasing.  We all know this.  Every room that you’d like to be showcased should be clean and clear of personal items, etc.  The videographer should be able to go into each room without having to tidy up toys, toiletries, newspapers, etc.  Floors swept, vacuumed and/or mopped.  Counters, tables and dressers clear of items.  The more space the better.  Once the videographer is done you can enjoy your clean house and get back to normal living.  Likewise, the yard should be free from rakes, tarps and bicycles laying around.  Grass cut and garage tidy.

Brighten your home

Video needs light.  I usually schedule my real estate shoots in the morning, before the outside lightreal estate video is too bright.  For instance, 9 am for the exterior shots, then moving into the home after the outdoor shots are complete.   As a favor to the real estate videographer, pull back all curtains and open shades or blinds.  And turn on lights; if the videographer needs to turn some off, he or she will do so.   For homes that don’t receive much sunlight, perhaps shaded by many trees, the videographer may to have set up a lighting kit to have adequate light.  Lastly, check the forecast.  If rain is predicted, reschedule the shoot, even for the interior, as you want the maximum of natural light.

Point out important details

maine real estate videographerBeyond filming the interior and exterior, inform the videographer about the important details that make the home unique.  Original antique door knobs or century old built-in book cases.  Custom cabinetry, wet bar, original crown moulding; point these things out.  Likewise, the same goes for the exterior and property.  If there is a wild flower or vegetable garden, trellis, unique shed, small pond on the property, make sure the videographer gets footage of these.

Area surroundings

real estate videographer in MaineLet home searchers know if your house is within walking distance or close proximity to a beach, a boat landing, a quaint downtown, or walking trail.  Have your videographer shoot some footage of these places. If the home is near a school, maybe mention it.   This gives potential buyers from afar an idea of the the overall community and beauty of the area.

In conclusion, investing in a real estate videographer is an investment that just might sell your home.  Doing some research and knowing what to expect can make the process successful for everyone involved.  Lastly, share the final video with as many platforms as possible, you want a large audience to feel like they are walking through your home and property.   Click here to view my Maine real estate video page and samples of my work.  For a quote, please fill out my short contact form.