Video Marketing: Where to begin

Maine videography for businessesVideo marketing is alive and trending.  For ten years I have been producing marketing videos for Maine businesses and non-profits.   Many clients employ a marketing director and some business owners serve as their own marketing strategist.  At times the video direction is very clear to me on what the final product will be.  Other times, especially with the latter, I offer assistance with ideas.  Here are three starting points.


I often inform small business owners that the video starts with them.  For instance, what do you want to convey to the viewer?  And how?  Is the video product driven?  Is it a “learn more about us” video?  Or, what we can do for you.  What makes us different.  Or perhaps a combination of these.  The messaging should be determined first and it needs to be clear throughout the video.


Next is:  What style are you looking for?  For example, are you looking for documentary style?  Or a fast, snappy, selling style with products, prices, graphics, etc.  Knowing the style of the video and the message you are conveying are the first steps to producing a successful marketing video.


Many of the the videos I produce are for websites.  Therefore the length can vary without broadcast tv’s restrictions of 15, 30 or 60 seconds.  Typically I suggest a marketing web video to be between 1 – 3 minutes.  This is primarily because many web users have a short attention span.  A quick click will bring them to someone else’s site.  You want your viewers to watch the whole video, not just the beginning, or skipping to the end.  But video marketing can certainly be longer, for instance,  5 – 15 minutes depending on what your message or messages are.  For example, an instructional video could be a series of short 1 -2 minute videos.  Or perhaps you’d rather a longer duration of 10 minutes with all instructions included.  Obviously, you have some options and flexibility with the duration.

Now let’s look at a few choices of marketing videos available to you.

Types of Marketing Videos


Testimonials are third party endorsements from current or past customers or clients.  Your testimonial subjects will speak about their positive experience with your business, your products, medical facility, school or non-profit.   Ideally they are real people as opposed to actors.  Real people resonate with us, the viewer.  They are one of us – talking about their experience with something we, as the viewers, have an interest in.  Yes, using actors is possible but this makes the video more costly to produce and less authentic.  If your business is hiring –  I suggest showcasing current employees.  Likewise, previous students are great testimonial subjects for colleges and schools.

Below is a testimonial I produced last year for The Vicarage by the Sea, a small dementia care home in Harpswell, Maine.  The Vicarage is an alternate to larger nursing homes and facilities, priding itself on a home-like environment with a staff-to-patient ratio of 1 -4.  This marketing video is a testimonial from a daughter whose mother is a current resident at The Vicarage:

Brand Video Marketing

Maine is made up of many small businesses; you want your business to stand out from the rest.  A brand video is a great way to do so.  Introducing yourself and your company in a brand video is a fast, informative and visual way to convey your message to a world wide audience.  An effective brand video should explain to the viewer who you are and what you do.  It should introduce your product(s).  Let viewers know what makes your business or non-profit different from others.  What your product can do for them.  Why your program or school is right for them.

Branding videos may include the business owner speaking before the camera or via voice over.  In addition graphics are added along with photos, lots of  b-roll of the product being made or in use, employees or students working, and lastly a call to action.

Below is a short branding video I produced a few years ago for a private online school for students:

Event Videos

An event video is a great way to promote an upcoming event, anniversary, or celebration that your business or non-profit is organizing.  Having a short promo on your website keeps it fresh but furthermore, you can share the video on social media to reach larger audiences.  Event videos should include the name, location, date and time of the event.  It should include a mention of organized activities and informative dialogue about the significance of the celebration.  In addition, graphics, photos, event footage and music will grab viewers attention.  Basically, who, what, where, when, and why, in a very short video form.

The following is a event video I produced to promote an annual event organized by a small business in Maine:

Lastly, there are variations you might consider when deciding on a direction for your video.  You may choose to combine a branding video with a testimonial at the end.  Or an event video with some information about the business and their event mission.  As long as your message is clear and consistent.

In an upcoming post I will talk about “How to” or explainer videos.  To view more business videos click here.  And to learn more about my video marketing services or for a pricing quote please fill out my short contact form.